Xina Quan, PhD


Xina Quan is Co-founder and CEO of PyrAmes and has been developing PyrAmes’ technology with Stanford Professor Zhenan Bao since 2015. Prior to starting PyrAmes, Xina led the R&D efforts at Artificial Muscle Inc., a venture-backed start-up spun out of SRI, which resulted in the first commercial application of electroactive polymers. She played a critical […]

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Will Sutherland, PE


Will Sutherland is Chief Operating Officer for PyrAmes, and brings to the company more than 35 years of managing new product introductions and developing and managing partnerships throughout the supply chain.  Prior to PyrAmes, Will was Senior VP of Manufacturing Operations for Amber Kinetics, Inc., working on renewable energy solutions where he was responsible for […]

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Junjun Liu, PhD


Junjun Liu is a Senior Data Scientist for PyrAmes with more than 10 years of extensive experience in statistical analysis, model development, numerical simulations, comparative planetary climatology, geophysical fluid dynamics, and magneto-hydrodynamics. Her extensive background in time-series analysis of large and complex data sets plays an important role in our product development. Previously she was […]

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Thomas Roxlo, PhD


Thomas Roxlo is a Senior Data Scientist for PyrAmes, applying neural networks to the analysis of pulse waveform data for the company’s products since 2015. Thomas has an SB in Physics from MIT and a PhD in Physics from Harvard University. He has 1 pending patent.   […]

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Art Muir, MBA


Art Muir is a Product Manager with PyrAmes. Art has over 30 years experience in product engineering, new product introduction experience, and new business development. He has been responsible for the development and build of the electronics for PyrAmes as well as for regulatory and quality activities. He holds BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and […]

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Weyland Leong


Weyland Leong is a Senior Product Engineer for PyrAmes, with over 15 years experience across all stages of product development from design, prototyping, validation, manufacturing, and quality testing, including bringing medical devices to market through ISO and FDA design controls. Weyland worked with Will and Xina at Artificial Muscle prior to joining PyrAmes. He has […]

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Alan Walendowski


Alan Walendowski is a Software Engineer for PyrAmes with over 30 years of technical leadership in software, product, and technology development. He has extensive experience developing mobile and server-side applications, and spent 10 years at Palo Alto Research Center where his projects included new networking protocols, intelligent mobile recommender systems, and mobile applications for DARPA’s […]

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Doug Halperin


Doug Halperin is an accomplished technologist with wide-ranging experience architecting and implementing data, app and enterprise solutions. Among other roles, Doug led West Coast operations and projects for a medical device engineering firm. Holding a master’s degree in computer science from Brown, he teaches in the computer science department at the University of San Francisco. […]

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Dave Richardson PhD, PE


Dave Richardson brings to PyrAmes over 40 years of professional Electrical Engineering, hardware and firmware development experience. Dave has worked on many projects in the electric energy industry and recently medical devices in the bioelectronics field. Dave has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in California. […]

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Keith Drake, PhD

Keith Drake headshot enhanced background - 02 B&W

Keith Drake is an accomplished MedTech industry executive with commercialization expertise in sales, marketing, business partnerships, client relationships, and product development. Keith’s professional experience includes managing the development, promotion, and delivery of health technology (medical devices, information system interoperability, data analytics) for Galen Data, Inc., Quest Diagnostics, and Medical Automation Systems (now Abbott Labs). He […]

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