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April 4, 2021

Robert W. Lamkin

Robert Lamkin is a Principal Electronics Engineer for PyrAmes and brings to the company a long track record of successful product development. After graduate school he joined ADAC Laboratories (acquired by Philips) where he helped to develop the Genesys gamma camera, the first digital imager for cardiac catheterization labs allowing instant video playback during cardiac catheterizations, a gate-array implementation of the ADAC floating point array processor, two radiation therapy planning systems, and others. After ADAC he joined CVIS (acquired by Boston Scientific) introducing the first Intravascular Ultrasound system to medicine.

Other developed product highlights include the Vibrant Soundbridge hearing device (Symphonix acquired by Med-El), the Intellitemp atrial fibrillation ablation system (Cardima), the Self-Contained Automated Laser ranger tracker (EOO) and the Tripp-Lite USB249WG USB to serial port adapter.

Bob holds a BSEECS degree from the University of California, Berkeley, where he also did graduate research on changes in brain evoked potentials during learning, modeling eye movements, and retinal neurophysiology.